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  1. Look while I believe selling configs is fucking wrong. Leave me out of this, it's bullshit drama anyway.
  2. Quick tip: you gotta buy up all the gpus and use them to mine.
  3. Then use a good operating system
  4. Just dualboot like a normal person
  5. Minecraft is a game that has the largest player base so you'll have increased chance of getting an account with Minecraft. Even if it doesn't have Minecraft usually it'll have Xbox games or office 365 or some good shit linked to it by email or a card linked, making it worth cracking them. Also let's be honest nobody really uses 2fa on Microsoft account, do you use 2fa on Microsoft. Google yes Microsoft let's be honest most likely not
  6. so you have to crack microsoft accounts, so fucking what?
  7. NotC


    click your name, account settings. on the sidebar click discord. the rest is self explainatory