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  1. turn on raycast option in fucker
  2. no one cares about ur tiktok followers and no u need to pay to get the client. poor? ur poor?
  3. No, account sharing isn't allowed and it isn't possible to use it on 2 different computers
  4. It's funny bc ur not being ironic at all
  5. In render tab, go to gui/hud (forgot what it's called) then under the information tab disable it
  6. It was updated again, 3 times in 2 days
  7. Ik u posted this a while ago, but what u do is go to killaura and under entities make sure friends aren't selected
  8. Beta was updated 2 days in a row so I think a public update is coming soon
  9. Astolfo has one built in, under autohypixel it's called auto-checker