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  1. HELL TO THE NO! I mean it ain't the best anymore, BUT HELL TO THE NO!
  2. I don't care about the number, don't assume that. But everything that went public is just going downhills, and honestly, it's bad to see something popular going public.
  3. See? You're not the only one who can play that game.
  4. Okay, public now. Okay, now do what NeverLose did, and give every member who passed an application or got invited a rank called "OG" or something. Make it fair for us invited users.
  5. Not a single config is worth any money. Make your own, and read above why.
  6. Buy NotJimbo's generator for 5 bucks, and you can generate alot of accounts. Even OnlyFans, with balance. Either way, just buy it. ^^I'm using it.
  7. First things first, overpriced. Second of all, who the fuck buys configs? Only YOU can make a config that works for you. It's based on your style. And last but not least, if you can't configurate it, you are clearly not ready for Astolfo.
  8. As someone who used AAC before, yes. AAC is the worst paid anticheat, just make a good configuration. That's it.
  9. Skeet? More like outdated cheat that updates can't fix. LITTERELY! Even the crack was better, and EVEN ONETAP OUTPERFORMS SKEET IN EVERY WAY!
  10. Just register a new ProtonVPN account every week, and enjoy your free premium. Never use NordVPN. It breaks every single time.
  11. Waiting for subscription cheat to expire. Only applied like a few days ago.