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  2. your account has a security alert, please secure it contact appeals
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  6. use a good vpn like vypr (change ip everytime u get banned) and for extra measures use tmac changer if u wanna really stay anonymous
  7. is it a sec alert or a cheating ban
  8. Hello. If you keep having this issue contact me via discord. (You will have to find me on the discord server)
  9. but even if I disable my configs and join without any cheats on I still get banned
  10. +rep very good and trustworthy, the cheapest reseller, great shopping experience, the client worked just as I thought 😄
  11. I keep getting insta banned when using astolfo I don't know why, it was all working fine untill i got banned and tried to rejoin on another alt and then from there on every time i try to join on a new alt i keep getting insta banned. Anyone got a fix or know what's wrong?
  12. "-" then the message you want to send to other Astolfo users (You can't pm anyone there, That's a public IRC chat)
  13. Why'd you buy astolfo for $40 when you could have bought a client that updates and has configs for $20 (Rise) + This is a hypixel client not a multi server one so rip your $40
  14. i think jartex uses a custom ac, try to fuck around but most anticheats ban you or kick you in one hit because the ka was not made to bypass those servers
  15. Lunaria1


    now what does it say when you try and log in? "HWID changed. open a support request in the fourms for reset"
  16. Hi everyone! I just bought Astolfo a few days ago. It is much better than V A P E as I expected. But on Jartex I still cannot blatantly scaffold and killaura. I tried killaura and there are only damage particles but not any damage has dealt to them, and for most of times I just get kicked. Are there any config that allows me to clutch the Jartex skywars while still not getting kicked? (I don't care if I got banned because I set my router to restart every night at 23:59 and I can just join with a crached account) but if they kicked me out I can't finish the game. If you have any good configs could you please send it to me? Many thanks
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  18. Fog


    It says my hwid was changed, but i haven't changed it. can you please help me with this? thank you!
  19. does astolfo still have a private chat built in? and how do i use it
  20. Launch astolfo go to multiplayer look above and you'll see "1.8.x Protocols" or something like that and drag it all the way to the right and it should be at 1.18
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