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  1. U forgot the dog fucking part
  2. I might be a beaner, but all my trust will be given
  3. Golf you suck at golf with friends, your opinion: rejected
  4. 16 Replies guy talking! ignore!
  5. Hi, I'm Aizyy and I want to position myself for the Astolfo Moderation Team As we all know, astolfo has 3 very known and ( kinda ) cute mods: - Xevier - Prom - REZA ( Who? ) I've been a user of this community for well over 2 years now and I want to position myself to the Moderation Team. Recently there was this user @Hypixel that was in a real hurry with his ticket, waiting over 72+ Hours, this situation got me to ping xevier and prom, them answering in 30 minutes, Prom said " Im flooded with drip tickets " and xevier said " i don't respond to tickets ", these 2 behaviors got me thinking of the poor souls that have been waiting on an HWID Reset or any other bug to be solved, waiting over 3 days. I'm a fellow user of the community, I like women overall and people's joy. This is why I ask for everyone to ping @Voltz on forums to make a change " Don't go against, join them" - Aizyy 2k22 #AIZYYFORMOD2K22
  6. Hola bueno me gustaria comprar astolfo pero no tengo criptomoneda Podria alguien re venderme astolfo con tarjeta de credito o algo similar? se los agradeceria mucho atentamente, aizyy
  7. I'm able to resell you astolfo, add me Aizyy#0001 Will be $65 If you're paying with paypal or cashapp, due to fees
  8. Add me, Aizyy#0001 I'm able to resell astolfo to you but it'll be $65 ( Only with paypal or cashap )