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  1. hHAHaA fUrYRy!111 gO bAkC tO e621 

  2. you threatened people... is that out of context?
  3. Title says it all, I want you guys to just shut the fuck up because of how retarded you are ❤️ if u are new to astolfo and suggest shit, ask around before u spout autism -- Suggestions vv pretty sure this is just a setting -- Bugs
  4. If you wanna go full incognito use IPVanish, by far the best experience with a 0% sec ban rate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Welcome to the list of pitfags who have Astolfo (if you know of a pitfag who is not on the list please dm me on discord at HyenaFish#0001) Let us jump in Green = Mega Pitfag unrecoverable Purple = pitfag unrecoverable Blue = shows signs of a pitfag How to spot a pitfag! 1. Pitfags like to call others pitfags 2. They are not very active in the discord usually having uids from 7-12k+ 3. They post suggestions in the Suggestions & rewrite channels which usually get deleted 4. They don't have any skill in any other gamemode KillaBlade Discord: UNKNOWN Gender: Male Info: Used to play pit daily and made shitty configs VRAirhead Discord: VRAirhead#4458 | 728721933859946566 Gender: Male Info: Likes calling other pitfags pitfag. All of dawn Group Shitty hoppers with shitty configs Salt has UID 12 but is a retard Greloom Discord: Grelthree#8896 | 733347174884180020 Gender: Male