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  1. it adds 40 dollars of credit to your account which you can use to buy astolfo
  2. petition to ban all people who have the maturity of a 12 year old
  3. try your basement i know theres quite a few bodies in there
  4. no updates anymore so sad alexa play despacito
  5. wait zarzel is ALIVE? i thought he fell and died in the same hole lennox did
  6. you obviously have 0 clue what youre doing, trying to legit on a blatant client that hasnt been updated in 4 months. i do actually have a legit config bc i used to post them before the forums got wiped, go fuck yourself you dumb jackass
  7. my iq gets lower every time i come to these forums
  8. when printers stop needing blue to print in black and white
  9. just give it to me dont release it