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    Is there anyway to check if my alts is unbanned just by using astolfo without all those extra steps? every like 5 accounts it just shows that bad login and then I have to change my ip and everything like that it's so annoying. Is it possible if astolfo can just check the accounts for me? maybe?
  2. I have tried to launch Astolfo multiple times this morning but it just keeps crashing. I am using mc launcher and I can't launch the game. It says "an error accured to cause the game crash". Usually I just restart the game after it crashes and then it'd work, but not the same for today.
  3. also how do I move te module
  4. anyone know how to output the log on statsify overlay? I'm trying to do that but since there's wayy too many astolfo folders idk which one to use, I am also currently using astolfo on default launcher.
  5. it's not running on my pc, the overlayfix.exe. I tried but it won't work. It says that the versio;n is not compatible and this is for stats overlay right?
  6. ok, I'll use vape on my main I'll try to do closet cheating or ghost cheating though.
  7. yeah sure fuck myself what about it. If you have a legit config give it to me dumb piece of shit, you know nothing and you don't have a legit config.
  8. Is it possible that a stats overlay can work with this client? I tried 3 overlays so far and none of them worked, (statsify, cubelify, abyss) any stats overlay is going to work please tell me.
  9. ok well I'm gonna ask again but not you, you have to know when to shut up cause if you don't know anything about it don't reply. Simple as that, is it too hard for you? if so just go ahead and cry to your mommy cause no one cares.