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  1. it adds 40 dollars of credit to your account which you can use to buy astolfo
  2. petition to ban all people who have the maturity of a 12 year old
  3. try your basement i know theres quite a few bodies in there
  4. no updates anymore so sad alexa play despacito
  5. wait zarzel is ALIVE? i thought he fell and died in the same hole lennox did
  6. you obviously have 0 clue what youre doing, trying to legit on a blatant client that hasnt been updated in 4 months. i do actually have a legit config bc i used to post them before the forums got wiped, go fuck yourself you dumb jackass
  7. my iq gets lower every time i come to these forums
  8. when printers stop needing blue to print in black and white
  9. just give it to me dont release it
  10. he's probably a minor and can't register to buy crypto bc he needs his social security number so has to ask his parents "can i have my ssn so I can go buy crypto to buy a cheat for a block game?"
  11. local main = { on_pre_update = function() if i have speed module_manager.set_option(turn target strafe to infinite) end if i dont have speed module_manager.set_option(turn target strafe to circle) end end }
  12. How would I write in lua, "if I have speed change target strafe from circle to the back option and change the range of target strafe in killaura
  13. I want to edit a script that would change certain modules if speed2 is splashed but I don't know how to change Circle to Back in strafe under killaura and also to change the range of strafe.
  14. im very smart as you can tell
  15. Idk if this is happening to anybody else I but for me if I go into the proxy menu then the only way I can get out is to restart the client. idk if its just me but i like using proxies but for some reason the back arrows don't work.