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  1. Couple suggestions for the future: - 7 days is a bit short, especially for the people who make those grand showstopping edits that we all love seeing. A slight time limit increase (around a week extra maybe?) would fit everyone's schedules better while still not making the contest last too long. - You should really work on providing a pool of clips for everyone to use. I bet that there's people out there who can edit great but are either outshined due to poor recording quality or not able to record at all - forcing everyone to use the same quality and type of clips to edit not only levels the playing field but makes judging easier overall (as the amount of things you have to factor in when judging reduces). A part of this problem can be entirely sidestepped by simply not judging overall video quality, but this still doesn't exactly resolve the issue as higher quality clips still do have advantages other than looking better (i.e. non-choppy slowdowns due to higher FPS) and of course this also doesn't help the people who are unable to get clips in the first place (due to either complications with recording software, their specs not being good enough, not being able to get alts / a vpn, etc.). I understand that this is probably not something you want to use up time for, and for that reason you could possibly rely on volunteering community members to get those clips instead. - Your judging process really needs to be worked on. From what I saw last time it was just you (daxe) rating all the entries in a couple minutes and even asking for community input & telling the community your choices before announcing them (you generally want to avoid community input if you're not letting the community vote on the entries from the start & of course you want to avoid telling the community the standings before they get officially announced). A better way to approach this is to get more judges to really make sure the choices are more unanimous (and not within just the judging team, but the entire community). Note: I could be fully wrong about how the judging process was handled last time around as there could've been things that I simply didn't see. This is an assumption based off of the things I did see.