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hi, milse banned me about 1+ week ago for trying to ban @Ciastekbatak because he spammed the n word out of no where like 5 times and he told @Tokyo to kill himself too ( as we remember in old astolfo the kys word was prohibited!!! ).

milse decided to ban me since he noticed I was trying to get rid of ciastekbatak since he's annoying; his reason for my ban was: " I'm applying your own standards on you ".

now, I have no proof whatsoever of how racist  / homophobic i was in the server but there's 100% logs of my old account in the server still, you can lookup my account and filter with " nigga " im sure you'll find atleast 2 n words in a day or 3 lol, I suppose that was enough for milse to ban me ay? and not ban batak that literally spammed n word 5 times and that he told tokyo to kill himself 1 time lol ( without counting the HUGE Amount of people that spam n words & tell others to kill themselves too )

fun stuff, other astolfo members such as @Drew, @Golf, @idonthaveamic, @SHIDDER, @SometimesP, @Spezz, @Voltz, @Vladimir, @Triangle + everybody that is under milse's new " rules " can vouch for what I just said; there's also different stories like with golf; he got banned for asking why I got banned; milse apparently figured out it was a no sense ban!!! and unbanned him right after, he also tries to be funny by banning Drew & unbanning him right after,... oh oh oh or when Vladimir got permanently muted for posting a ted talks he himself has posted before.

love y'all, justice for astolfo yo, pce, milse can freely respond to this thread 

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