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  1. Zarzel Date Polish girl ( Aliszja#3878 ) he can't update for you guys atm :/
  2. Ciastekbatak SWIETNIEJSZE.mp4
  3. Today I was going to hop on Astolfo I login and launch it going good then it closes on its own. Launch it again does the same thing. I reinstalled it did not fix it. I don't understand why this is happing but if anyone good help me I would appreciate it. We chillen
  4. so @Cosmiccdecided that selling configs and his shit 40 line script for 15 dollars was a good idea, so im just gonna post it here so he hopefully doesnt scam anyone into buying them mfw 20k uid selling configs : orangutan : also im pretty sure they dont even work anymore l0l lol.lua2.03 kB · 6 downloads cosmiccollusionscaffold_1.json44.01 kB · 4 downloads
  5. Heyya! If your user ID is low (under 5000), then please reply. I wanna see how many low user ID users still use this client.
  6. nteract with this post in any way you deem fit to contribute to the ban petition (reaction, reply, etc.) Cosmicc sells configs which is highly looked down upon and goes for the very low price of $15. Here's a video serving as proof of him selling configs. Also a post made by Cosmic selling the config as well. He also disrespected mic the amazing creator of nekofig one of the best configs out currently. Funny enough he also skidded mic's config and timer+. All proof is hyperlinked to above statements and here is another poll you may be a part of. TLDR: Cosmic sells skidded configs and scripts for $15. (3 variations of proof)
  7. After a long day of thinking about my actions, I have concluded that cheating is bad. We cheat on these little kids on a block game just to ruin their experience. This is very saddening. I know you are probably disgusted by yourself after realizing all of the fun you have ruined for kids, but it is okay, it is never too late to turn back. I am here to open your eyes and help you change. Cheating is just bad in general because you have an advantage over someone else that is actually trying. You guys should have some heart and stop cheating, it is really bad Lol. I have listed plenty of clients below that you can use instead of cheating. I hope you guys have realized How Bad Hacking Is And I Hope You Become Changed People Because Of Me.
  8. recently switched from windows 8.1 to windows 10 and it says i need to reset my hwid, where can i change it lol
  9. do you know any songs like this?
  10. Heart == Beta for @Swampy
  11. Hi i'm fan of best tiktoker @Swampy i hope everyone enjoy :P pobrane.mp4
  12. Stop doing alt shop it only get you paypal ban