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  1. rip guy lost his money cuz he won't answer to this thread
  2. at the moment, you've got nothing helpful for skyblock.
  3. Try checking your email (check spamfolder too just in case)
  4. Zamasu waifu

  5. "-" then the message you want to send to other Astolfo users (You can't pm anyone there, That's a public IRC chat)
  6. you just need to get more 0s in your bank
  7. keep it to yourself to get some media XD
  8. His UID is super high it could infinite fly on Hypixel and can't be patched :skull:
  9. DM me bubkod#8759 I will send one to you
  10. Hello @SHIDDER you look good today
  11. deleted the old launcher cuz the message annoys me (ALL I NEEDED TO DO IS TO DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT FOR WIN7/8 INSTEAD OF 10/11)
  12. no, you have to launch through astolfo's launcher to update
  13. that guy died from an airplane accident
  14. yes, all you have to do is to launch one more time through the astolfo launcher, good day to you!
  15. burn 'em cuz they still count as part of the lgbt retardation group