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    its processing payment, and now you have premium
  2. i think i heard wd got another update like yesterday. not sure tho
  3. yes got eaten by bagel
  4. a hack client like astolfo most likely isn't going to be updated to 1.9+ maybe 1.12 but most likely not 1.16.x
  5. you could buy a visa giftcard from like a store or sum
  6. i mean, astolfo wont work with mac rn so either way you gonna have to get windows
  7. they said they will add support soon, in the mean time use bootcamp or a vm.
  8. no, but they said they will add support to linux and mac soon. in the mean time, try to use bootcamp or a vm to boot up windows. at least thats what i did while i wait for my new computer shipping