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  1. Yes! You can join any other server whilst using Astolfo Client. If you have problems joining Please contact support at: https://www.astolfo.lgbt/forums/support/ And for your other question, You can switch the version from 1.8.8 - 1.16.4! By going to the top right of the server list, there is a dial you can drag from 1.8.8 - 1.16.4!
  2. +1 how much of an impaired brain do u need to have to use a old mineplex config on lunar... legit u have a simpleton brain.
  3. Firstly to change the position of things on your screen like the TargetHud in killaura, enable killaura and then go into chat then click on the targethud. Or with playerlist just go into chat and click on it. and also just use a config on the forum.
  4. I just wonna know what server i can use this speed mode on lmao.
  5. wtf no????? i didn't get banned from the discord for that. and ur uid is 500 lower than me big deal.
  6. @heavenstop fucking posting on every single post on the forums its annoying. Your just doing it for higher Content Count Screenshots from general discussion and media.
  7. Play on introuble.de it has no anticheat (you can use anything pretty much lol)
  8. VyprVPN is good but some connection might get u security banned. Thats why i u used use PIA (Private Internet Access) I've never been security banned using it.
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    Also look at this forums.
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    Yes! By going to spezz.exchange you can make an account and then go to this link https://spezz.exchange/store/index.php?/store/product/1-astolfo-access-key/ you can buy the Astolfo Access Key.
  11. ~ The Story Of IlyDis ~ ilydis started his astolfo popularity on july 20 2020 when he made a video with the name "POUR SOME ASTOLFO ON THAT" as he did in that video was cheat in mega skywars using Astolfo Client! Ever since then he has been making videos every couple months like ranked skywars, uhc, uhc godemode, and etc. Ilydis was an extremly popular member in astolfo and even earned him self beta after a couple videos. after all of this success he was slowly put to an end by Milse, around 2 months ago ilydis was banned from the astolfo client discord . This was very sad and awful to see. Thats why i made this Poll to Get ILYDIS UNBANNED FROM THE DISCORD! Edit from Milse: This petition is denied. I won't delete it obviously but IlyDis isn't getting unbanned. This decision is final.