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  1. bro lucid

    add my disc my shit should be on

  2. stfu loser. this is the exact reason of why you are banned from the discord #nn #highuidmonkey #banned #HAHA #stupid #yourunderage
  3. read the article, there are many places
  4. that is most sus thing i ever heard. you definitely vented
  5. Milse is such a meanie, so mean for no reason. I just try to talk with my e-friend @Tokyo and i get muted, can you believe??!?!?!?!?! WTF! Milse this is so not cool of you, you definitely VENTED bc u so stinky. and. and. and. you need to upgrade your vocabulary you only know like 4 words which are as follows " ? , lol , ok, no" like WTF SO UNFAIR WTF. u are most sus in discord server FK U MILSE I HOPE YOUR PILLOW IS WARM ON BOTH SIDES FOREVER AND YOUR PC EXPLODES BC U STINKY SUS [email protected]@!#^&*[email protected]^#
  6. Ask bob, they have good KA setting for mineplex.