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  1. $15 for a config?? What retards buy that? Can they not configure it themselves lmao?
  2. After a long day of thinking about my actions, I have concluded that cheating is bad. We cheat on these little kids on a block game just to ruin their experience. This is very saddening. I know you are probably disgusted by yourself after realizing all of the fun you have ruined for kids, but it is okay, it is never too late to turn back. I am here to open your eyes and help you change. Cheating is just bad in general because you have an advantage over someone else that is actually trying. You guys should have some heart and stop cheating, it is really bad Lol. I have listed plenty of clients below that you can use instead of cheating. I hope you guys have realized How Bad Hacking Is And I Hope You Become Changed People Because Of Me. lunarclient.com badlionclient.com
  3. You cant use it because astolfo probably has different mappings to vanilla minecraft + the anti-crack wont let you inject DLL
  4. This happend to me yesterday but it was fixed after delete .minecraft folder. Try doing that
  5. I just got brain damage from that video
  6. All out of stock ): Edit: try posting on r/minecraftclients if they are that cheap you will get lots of ppl buying quickly
  7. That is racist delete now