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  1. Does any of the yt videos that you watched show hypixel skyblock modules?
  2. make a support ticket at
  3. there goes my brain
  4. did you redeem the fucking key or no? there are literal step by step instructions
  5. is it a sec alert or a cheating ban
  6. i think jartex uses a custom ac, try to fuck around but most anticheats ban you or kick you in one hit because the ka was not made to bypass those servers
  7. Lunaria1


    now what does it say when you try and log in? "HWID changed. open a support request in the fourms for reset"
  9. open a damn ticket like it says
  10. just use astolfo how its supposed to be used
  11. the client gets updated once every 3 - 6 months, i wouldnt count on it to work on mac
  12. I got miguel.png idk what the chance of this is but i think its pretty rare
  13. idk maybe ask royalty or idle
  14. It resets your sprint by tapping w sporadically when you are hitting a enemy. it shouldn't be tapping w like once per second but spamming it but still getting a bit of sprint. The reason is the first hit usually deals around four blocks of knockback to the opponent whereas subsequent hits deal around 0.125 - 0.5 blocks of knockback.