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  1. Is there a way to still use target strafe without getting insta banned
  2. I mean like it just doesn’t show the list I can load them but I just can’t see the list of them when you press right shift
  3. ive tried everything to fix it when you press right shift to show all settings the script collum just isnt there anyone know anything ive tried everything
  4. tried it still hits though says i added and everything dont work tho anything diff
  5. How do you use /r on hypixel so you don’t hit your friends that are also cheating. Lmk soon if you can
  6. phase with 1.5 speed on vanilla setting insta kicked
  7. s there a bow aimbot with aim assist + fast bow
  8. my bad been busy tnt tag phasing through 1+ if you could lmk
  9. Anyone have a bypassable phase fullblock if so can you let me know
  10. anyone got a bhop config to hvh other hackers on tnttag?
  11. Can someone post a modified version of nekofig for tnt tag etc
  12. Iren


    The only real reason I want blatant settings that’ll work ie Bhop etc is because I’ve run into hella Bhoppers today even with 0,0 it’s weird to fight. Also new to all of this
  13. Anyone have a good tnt tag config / blatant config? Or screen shot settings so I can get a decent one everytime i make one I seem to get banned
  14. My velocity is stuck at 1.01 and wont go back to 0,0 is there a fix for this?