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  1. rip to the best astolfo forums user

    1. fivetuff
    2. monkeye


      penis and testicle torture

    3. brandon8
  2. If a owner saws this pls help us about mods


  3. Guys we are making a strike to astolfo for they are not accepting me join our discord.

  4. Hi guys did any one have any invite code I msg the some mods they said they can't help me but if I get an invite code I can pass the app.Can any one dm me if you can give me a invote code thelordofhacks#4781

  5. Hi if a mod see this why I don't know but I get denied for nothing.I get denied From daxe If you check my app you can under stand what I am talking about . I think I made every thing true but unfortunately I get denied if a mod saws this pls contact me from dc  thelordofhacks#4781 

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    2. thelordofhacks


      You can't say this daxe I made every thing true but you denied me.


    3. Shadow64


      Daxe what the fuck, contacting zarzel rn

    4. Triangle


      I'm contacting zarzel right now for this outrage, I got banned on hypixel using this client and I am angrey Daxe is such a bad mod smh my head, am I right my fellow kids.

  6. this person is a confirmed gamer

  7. Como te llamas