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  1. i tried using norotate but sometimes it faces the wrong direction is there any module that makes you face the forge everytime you spawn
  2. i tried using Jeezet blur shaders but after clicking it astoflo just closes itself any fixes?
  3. if i do tht i fall off cuz fastplace doesnt place fast enough
  4. So like i try login to my alts but everything says access token bad login password bad login i have 20+ alts tested on all they worked like an hour ago then they all suddenly broke even my main
  5. im already using safe walk it just that at the edge of a block i stop for like 0.1 of a second and it isnt as fast as a legit godbridge. is there a way to make safewalk be more on the edge
  6. im trying to god bridge with fastplace but when i look at my speed it isnt an consistant 4.4 blocks per second but instead it drops to 2.4 blocks per second when im at the edge so pretty much stopping for a bit at the edge of a block when god bridging. Is there any way to fix this or something (like a script or smthin)
  7. Maybe use the astolfo launcher instead
  8. vape lite for ss bypass if its just for hypixel then go with v4
  9. holy shit tysm i spent an hour trying to make it work