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  1. .script reload .script enable nameofscript.lua (make sure you put the extention in there)
  2. go to %appdata% and look for the astolfo folder. drop them in the astolfo folder and not the script folder
  3. yeah, took me a while to figure it out too.
  4. after you reload them, type .script enable [nameofscript].lua and make sure you include the extension
  5. To all MineCraft Hack people, i want you to stop the hacking. I realize how bad hacking is now and it just ruin little kid day. Hacking is very bad and it ruins every bodys day, and its very mean. It can cause kids depression over the hacking and bullying, and it is not even fun. I have think about this for a long time, and I just want everyone to stop the hack. Cheating is very heartless And I Dont Like The community. it Disgusts Me How Many people are cheating in MineCraft and its very big. I want you to change and stop hacking please, it is very bad so please download luinar client and badlion client and please stop hacking. Dont use sigma anymore please too. I know you want that big fat omikron bussy in your mo- i mean i know you want to hack alot. you just have to resist looking at omikron r34- my cat stepped on my keyboards sorry. you have to resist looking at hacking videos and servers to hack on. please stop hacking.