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  1. i wonder why i get banned in 3 games on skywars, you 2 are like dream stans istg, astolfo isnt bypassing stop fanboying over it lol edit it might be bypassing with low ass settings but its still shit, literally walk since speed wont make any difference cause its slow
  2. yes they do? novoline had a hotfix half a hour ago or som ion know if its still flagging but flux has it
  3. lmfao well p sure other clients have speeds that are silent flagging
  4. right now its bypassing p much the same as other clients, even better if you have a good config.
  5. hf with that insane script and config, dogs atcually think they leaked something LMFAOOOO
  6. 1st Its patreon i dont force anyone to buy any tier 2nd anyone can get access to public or beta which is already better than the op nekofig 3rd People spreading that i skidded the timer by the almighty mic, just no. Me, Blirtz and oof4days made that timer thats for scaffold 4th People spreading that i stole the config, apparently somehow from mics config can now magicly go from 0.5 bps to 40bps also not ban in 1 game also somehow every setting is different i have no idea how this turned out this way but the settings that i stole from mic are changed? yikes 5th people that leaked premium or beta have been banned (strike, fivetuff) even though they got patched during the time astolfo was down. 6th no ill not get banned Thank you for reading, dont annoy me anymore.
  7. tell her that you got astolfo and your rich asf youll be her sugar daddy all day 99.9$ an hour for her to e date you. if she rejects you then its just bad luck.
  8. Join for some juicy private configs -