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  1. Do not reply to this. I want to only have reactions, and nothing else on this post. All people that comment will have their information leaked (gotten from astolfo forums mod access). If you think I am lying then I can get the users, @Brick @[email protected] to confirm for you. If it gets out of hand then I will get the post locked. So just add a reaction and enjoy the post. 🙂
  2. I can help. Dm me on discord at mic ツ#1738
  3. Yes, sold configs and scripts that he got from me. 😞
  4. Click here to join the discord Make a ticket to get access once you are in. Reply and react to this so it isn't pushed down 👍 here is the old thread, i think the invite died so i made a new one
  5. Don't let this post die, server at around 100 members rn and I am welcoming more to join. I update the config and scripts daily
  6. Join discord for Neko pack release 🙂
  7. I need more people voting on this come on guys, and don't vote no because of any stupid reasons, it's simple question.
  8. answer should still be yes in my opinion, saying sometimes means there are times that you dont hate minorities some of the time. i hate them all the time, but i've surrounded myself with nekos, money, and other rich people and they start to become less of a minority.