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  1. React to this post 😂,
  2. Yea that's why there are only a handful of them that exist. They are still testing and finding ways to improve it
  3. It is real, but does not (officially exist) yet.
  4. G t the fuck out the forums u broke bitch, it's literally one time payment of $40
  5. Oh and there isn't any legit way to consistently place blocks like u need to to god bridge.
  6. U stupid or something, no matter how close to the edge u get it to stop (it can't get any closer btw, ur just an idiot) it will always make u slow down because it stops u from moving past the edge, which u kinda need to do to be able to god bridge. But why even bother when u can just get some good scaffold settings.
  7. I'm not reading this post, poor people without the client shouldn't even be allowed to post on the forums. U are either retarded or just fucking stupid if u think u will get an answer from doing this. Just buy the client it's astolfo.
  8. Shut up u fag, ilydis isn't going to like u because of a forum post, also this fucking toothpick kid should just get off the forums. He replies to everything, hoping for reputation for whatever reason, but has fortunately only gotten 2 points so far because of how fucking boring they are. But anyway, stop kissing ilydis ass bro u had no reason to post this.
  9. Oh ye btw the reason it can fly is the "ring accelerator" ("magnetic field breaker" or "MFD") surrounding the cockpit is filled with plasma, which is capable of creating magnetic vortex fields. This accelerator uses mercury in its work, which is subjected to a pressure of 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin (about 66 degrees Celsius) and accelerates to 50-60 thousand revolutions per minute, which makes it possible to obtain a superconducting plasma. It’s a pity, of course, that I’ll never get to know these guys from the US Air Force flying on a plane with a nuclear engine, surrounded by a cyclotron with mercury plasma, but it is pretty cool that this thing exists, even though there is still a chance that it may be super inefficient, and just not worth using. But I'm sure they will find some other fun uses for this almost unreal technology. What do you astolfo users think of this from just reading about the tip of the iceberg.
  10. I am off 3 addys and now know the science and physics behind the TR-3B Aurora aircraft. Useless information but cool to know that it's possible, they already have 24 of them made, and fully functional from what I've read. And it cost them about 25 billion dollars to do it. Which is pretty cheap if u actually look at what it is capable of. An earlier version named the TR-3B was made in the 1970s, and was fully functional. The TR-3B Aurora, TR-3B Astra, and other variants of the craft also have some kind of inertial mass reduction that could even allow humans to pilot it without worrying about the massive G forces when going high speeds, or rapidly changing direction. Here is a diagram of the Russian manufactured, TR-3B Astra, seen below. The aircraft, codenamed TR-3B Astra, is a classified US tactical intelligence development. The first reconnaissance flight took place in the early 1990s. In fact, it is an aerospace platform, 182 meters long and 98 meters wide. Most often, this apparatus is perceived as a triangular UFO due to the fact that the power plant of this aircraft is essentially a generator of a powerful magnetic vortex field, and the light flux periodically emitted by this generator is perceived by outside observers as unearthly, inhuman. Their state-of-the-art propulsion system allows you to soar for a long time and completely silent.
  11. I am thinking of the TR-3B Aurora "anti gravity" craft being made and tested, it literally reduces the mass of itself so it can fly. Pretty cool, almost hard to believe that we have come so far, but maybe it only seems so out of this world because the us military has tried to keep hidden how advanced technology and science has come. They can successfully clone humans, but apparently they stopped because it was wrong, and only a few dozen clones were born.
  12. Under 5000 is too high.. let's just keep it at the >30 uid club
  13. Hey, my discord was disabled while on vacation. Here is the new nekofig server Join, I will have people make the server and post updates for me. My new discord is Mic ジ#1738 if u would like to add me
  14. Nekonet discord: Will be using custom made api, for the best outcome. For now, I will take down sites by request in the discord. To show the power of nekonet as it is now. Once the api is finished, it will be available to purchase. Expect it soon, see u. disclaimer: nekonet, and this forum post have no correlation to ddos, or any other illegal activities.
  15. Desktop 2021.06.16 -
  16. yea he asked me for staff spec script too
  17. he begged me for scripts too, also he uses astolfo while playing "legit" and asked me for crit settings, then told me his crits arent even critting.