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  1. It's because ur download speed slow, just wait for it to say 75% and then click launch button again
  2. ☹️ I'll make new account soon, can u guys send list of all mutual friends and servers pls
  3. LETSFUCKINGGOOOOOO 15c66054a2eea6bb7c2b81c7267c4df2.mp4
  4. buy mic astolfo profile boosting service now! used by me and @ilydis best bang for ur buck. dm me to either purchase more views, or rep, accepting offers starting rn. view profiles to see examples of adding views, and adding rep. This is a legit service, not a troll or scam.
  5. My profile has so many views, I can't stop it. I don't want views, I want rep 😞 the views have gone out of control and doesn't look like they will stop.
  6. Everyone say something they did that they shouldn't have.