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  1. turn on raycast option in fucker
  2. no one cares about ur tiktok followers and no u need to pay to get the client. poor? ur poor?
  3. No, account sharing isn't allowed and it isn't possible to use it on 2 different computers
  4. It's funny bc ur not being ironic at all
  5. In render tab, go to gui/hud (forgot what it's called) then under the information tab disable it
  6. It was updated again, 3 times in 2 days
  7. Ik u posted this a while ago, but what u do is go to killaura and under entities make sure friends aren't selected
  8. Beta was updated 2 days in a row so I think a public update is coming soon
  9. Astolfo has one built in, under autohypixel it's called auto-checker
  10. You can use the one built into astolfo, I'm pretty sure it's under autohypixel module and is called auto-checker
  11. Actually this bypasses better than vape as a ghost client lol..
  12. With the right settings, you could probably make a disabler for the server you are talking about
  13. I take pride in my fast replies, and good customer service. I will help you with any issues you have along the way 🥰
  14. I will resell you astolfo, dm me on discord @ Mic#4444. I also resell btc with very low tax, so you don't need to worry about annoying fees when trying to buy astolfo or any other thing that takes crypto.
  15. Yeah aizyy deserves an unban