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  1. Delete options.txt, optionsof.txt and optionsshadder.txt in .Minecraft folder
  2. Aizzyy is a bitch. Didnt even add me to the list. #NoModForAizyy2k22
  3. 9. Subscriptions Refunds will only be given if there is a mistake that was made by Astolfo. Subscriptions will only ever be exchanged for subscriptions of the equal or lower value when you made a mistake at the time of purchase and have not yet activated the service. Subscriptions cannot be upgraded/downgraded to other subscriptions of any value. Users caught abusing third party payment services to obtain free services will be immediately and permanently banned. Users caught selling subscriptions, cracking or alterating the behavior of the software will be immediately and permanently banned. Subscriptions may be terminated by Astolfo at any time without warning and without liability, whether financial or not.
  4. whu are you trying to launch badlion client......
  5. the Astolfo logo is the settings button
  6. We have a life outside of Astolfo... We don't live on the forums. Just be fucking patient.
  7. Add a few others too. @robertt#1986/idkwhatthatisthat