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  1. You can buy on the official website and get a refund / discount the first month
  2. to play on hypixel you better use an american location, PIA is a good alternative, check it out
  3. start flirting gradually, if she likes it you'll have a chance
  4. please edit: don't scam me 😞
  5. do you know any songs like this?
  6. kids would cry also when killed by good players, at least with us they have an excuse
  7. I'm looking for the italian player who played yesterday on coralmc as NapoliAstolfo, I have a few questions about the config and the vpn
  8. give me that +rep edit: start repping from the bottom 'cause you can't rep everyone
  9. yes Partially solved: i don't know why but now if i login with email and password it works, but with the username it still does not. Also i can't login with one account, i think because that one is microsoft instead of a normal mojang