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  1. Hey! Some of you may recognize my name. I used to be very active on the Astolfo Forums but I'm no longer. However, today I decided to come back! I had an idea where we would do a community montage before hacking dies out. Basically, you all send me clips of you cheating (Does not have to be Astolfo Client) and I'll mish-mash them into a sick edit. To submit clips, send them to me using a file sharing service like MediaFire or Google Drive, you can contact me at DeKrypt#7777 Once we're done I'll upload it on my alt channel, but it only has 3 subs. So if any large youtubers (500+ Subs) want to upload it on their channel that'd be fine! (Just contact me on Discord) If you have any questions, let me know here or on Discord! (DeKrypt#7777)
  2. give me timer disabler vanilla fly hypixel bypass please thanks
  3. Hello Astolfo users! I decided to make a tournament! (HvH) There will be prizes for the winners! I also will make a housing where everyone can fight in a free for all! (AC is disabled in housing so TP Aura/Vanilla fly works) First person to use this invite gets 5 free alts! (1 time use so first person who uses it gets 5 free alts, then its invalid) If that link doesn't work you can't get free alts but join via this link: idek what else
  4. WarBed.json this config keeps getting me watchdog banned in games, and the worst part is im not even using arua or speed or anything i just walk into my gen and i get banned plz fix my fig than ks!
  6. Its $46 because they use that money to buy antidepressants because their client is worse than sigma. Yw
  7. Everyone just reply to this topic and like everyone's post for free rep also say +rep pretty sure it does nothing but shhhhhhh