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  1. I wasn’t referring to you. I believe i even mentioned that in that paragraph.
  2. So, a few things, 1; i am not perfect. 2; i have never “manipulated” you, me asking you for a script does not mean i manipulated you, no where in our dms was i threatening you, blackmailing you or anything of that sort to send me the script. Please adjust your post, and it was your decision at the end of the day to send me the script. I can’t force you to send the script over nor did i. Please stop playing the victim card and trying to shift blame to me, i already apologized and accept the blame but that does not mean this isn't your fault too. It was both of our bad decisions together that made this mess. You are 12. Don’t act clueless and act like you cant think for yourself. You make your own cfgs, and have access to a private script. Obviously you can think for yourself and understand whats right and wrong. Im assuming you have no disorders that would alter your perception of right and wrong like i do.
  3. Blocking people doesn't help the issue. I can’t know who is going to say it before it happens. Also I am partially autistic (mainly sensory issues) and I have ADHD. So i dont think that anyone would be offended by my choice to use the word “retard” and if they did id gladly apologize. I have yet to refer to anyone who has autism as a retard directly. My whole point is go ahead and say nigger but don't directly call me a nigger. It’s “ok” until you direct it to someone who is actually black and has told people many times to cut it out. Also it’s even worse when that person then on top of calling me a nigger in a negative way, threatens to rape me.
  4. There is some false information in your post about me. First off, you didn’t add context for some of those screenshots, which if you did it would justify some of the things i said. Also I have never manipulated a kid in my lifetime. There is a difference between asking someone multiple times for a script and actually blackmailing or manipulating someone. At the time I was not aware that KillaBlade was 12 nor does it really matter as we were friends and not lovers or engaged in anything inappropriate. I am 17 as well so please don’t try to make me seem like im an adult being inappropriate with a child. You can publicly release the dms i have nothing to hide and nothing we talked about was anything other than astolfo related subjects. I simply made a few bad decisions. I also help a lot of new people and yet no one talks about that. No one talks about the good that i do yet your so fast to jump of the “hate KingLA” bandwagon. So of you could please adjust your post accordingly that would be appreciated.
  5. Also just a little note, half of those screenshots are out of context and are obvious jokes. But the other half are just my poor decisions to be toxic or my being toxic back to people attacking me over releasing a script for a hack.
  6. I’m going to take this as you being serious. If this is how you feel then I am sorry for you. I took the time to read this and I could not agree with you more. This community is toxic. Obviously every community is at-least somewhat toxic but we shouldn't use other servers as an excuse to be toxic. This server is full of people around the age of 12-16 that don’t understand that there is a line between being toxic just to piss someone off and actually being racist or hurtful. Even if you say it jokingly, calling someone who is actually black “nigger”, is not ok and is very racist. Regardless of if you are joking that it a bad look for you. Take it from the most hated person in this community, you just have to move on. This community willingly accepts racism and sexism and that should not be tolerated. The rules are not heavily reinforced. Mods are quick to mute for goofy stuff like saying something besides “wawa” in the wawa channel but simply fail or delay muting racist or toxic members. I am not directing this at anyone. I am aware that i am toxic but i hope people can forgive me for making bad decisions to say stuff that i don’t mean. Please know that you aren't the only one in the community that feels this way. Sadly no matter who started the argument or purposely used my disease (bipolar) against me to try to get me banned or muted, I'm always the one under the spotlight. I apologize to @MichaelXFif I caused him trouble by releasing his v2 script that was private. I stand by my opinion that scripts for an already private client is wrong. But that shouldn’t justify my decision the release the script. I did not take an old leak and re-release it. It was genuine v2 code just with the v1 line. I hope he can forgive me even though it shouldn’t matter because all of this drama whether its between me and him or anyone is all over a game. I get that not everyone will care or accept my apology but just know that my actions should not mean that you get to shame or bully me for my skin color or my disease. What you may take as a joke isn’t a joke to me. Every day I have to live with being a minority in a majority white world and deal with discrimination and profiling not just over the internet but also in real life. The younger kids of this community should know better especially since they likely wouldn’t say that irl. If you wouldn’t say it irl you shouldn’t say it online. It’s still hurtful and racist even online. That is why you see people who get fired from jobs for being racist online. ITS NOT A JOKE! -KingLA
  7. Working on it. But in the mean time lets not shame me for my bad judgement as i am bipolar (not a joke).
  8. Please either dm me on Discord if you have caught a sped in Astolfo discord. KingLA ConfigMan#7980
  9. KingLA the biggest retard thezohan23 xpndsprt#8008 -Thinks Microsoft accounts aren't crack-able. (Sped in gen chat) Artemij001 artemij#7273 -This kid is a Sigma user and promoter, self explanatory. SMH If you find any more clowns or retards please contact me on discord.
  10. My fellow colored people lol wtf only 1. Damn.