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  1. Who thinks that astolfo should now be amogus cheat
  2. I'll sell you a config in btc!!!!! dm me Fuck Discord#3894
  3. They aren't gonna change the whole fucking domain name because your parents think it's "gay"
  4. Bruh you have 45 posts are you still haven't bought the client?
  5. Hey, I was wondering if you guys were getting dogged for playing bw randomly, I've been using this config forever so don't you fags call this a config issue.
  6. Switch the ip each time
  7. Well, I am a premium user who got invited, and there is no more invite section. Huh
  8. Hi, I want to invite a friend of mine to astolfo. But the invite page is no longer there! What should I do? Thanks -Levi