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    2. Souped


      Depends on how you formatted your application

    3. darius12345


      lmao i waited like a week just for the application to get denied ggs

    4. Souped
  6. Earlier
  7. how u get banned from a hack client

    1. UwU_LowLife


      he waas ticket spamming


  8. Damn Daniel

  9. clown


  10. set alarm for june 9th

  11. I love gaming

  12. 😐😐😐😐😐

  13. Bitch I'm still flexin with my heart broken177586872_517087732788635_4786938640555826542_n.thumb.jpg.782152abfa0f3e0694850debc0b82496.jpg

  14. hey fuckers

  15. buenos dias

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    2. Gritz


      speak english kid 

    3. NotDuckie


      no bueno

    4. mommy


      thnaks andreas

  16. He is noob dont give him money he dies in void 24/7

  17. He is noob dont give him money he dies in void 24/7

  18. astolfo client

  19. i dont play minecraft anymore / dead account

    1. rvc_




    2. NotC


      ok but I need friends still

  20. rawwwrr i'm a pineapple 😮

    1. Ruben


      hi winter

    2. WinterSux


      ooof I said please delete my account cus i don't like toxic enviroments and they denied me for it and had the nerve to say "try again in 2 weeks" LOL

  21. I have enough bread for Astolfo

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