Astolfo Hack Client

Astolfo has unmatched  bypasses, features, and support


Why Astolfo?

Same Height Control


Bypass nearly every anti-cheat such as Watchdog, GWEN, AAC, and NCP.

Same Height Control


We always release new updates to stay ahead and make sure you get your money’s.

Same Height Control


With Astolfo's scripting API you can create whatever features you imagine, the possibilites are endless.

Same Height Control


Almost every feature in Astolfo  can be customized to fit your playstyle and to bypass almost any server you choose.

What our customers have to say

"Astolfo far one of the best hack lients I have ever owned. Though the price may be high, I'd say it's worth it, as this isn't a hypixel only client, and supports many other servers. I'd love to see what more the developers could bring to the client and I support them the whole way through.”
-  ICri123123

"A premium and consistent hack client. Of the clients I've used, it has the least down time by far. Whenever something doesn't work correctly or something gets detected, the developers are quick to work around it and get Astolfo back to its top tier status. The bypasses never disappoint, and the features outclass the competition by far. Great client.”
- whokecat82

"Best client i have used, what's great is that they focus on more than just one server, they have a number of bypasses on loads of servers and highly customizable modules, something a lot of clients don't offer.”
- Krepto 

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